From Holey To Whole: AC Repair That Transforms Your Unit

Old air conditioning units, those beyond a decade or more, tend to have a lot of holes in them. The holes are a direct result from rust. The rust is a direct result from exposure to the elements outside. Although regular maintenance and seasonal protective measures do prolong the life of your unit, they cannot prevent its inevitable demise. If you currently have a holey A/C unit, and want to make it whole again, here is what an AC repair technician can do for you. [Read More]

Heat the Areas Where You Live With Radiant Floor Heating

You may often wonder why you still feel cold even though your heat pump is making your electric meter spin so quickly that it makes you dizzy, or your forced air heating is blowing so often the the air in your home is as dry as a desert. The main reason is that the hot air that your heating system is producing is rising to your ceilings. Your living area receives the initial blast, but then cools down as the hot air pushes the cooler air downward. [Read More]

Water Heater Replacement: 3 Signs That Says It's Almost Time

As a general rule, there isn't anything that is worse than not having any hot water to wash your dishes, wash your laundry and take a shower in. However, there is one thing: when that hot water decides to flood into your home because your hot water heater decided to burst on you. According to data compiled by the Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety (IBHS), water heater failures are among the top five sources of water losses in the home and cost $4,444 per incident, on average, after the deductible. [Read More]

Troubleshooting Guide For Uneven Central AC Cooling

Uneven cooling can be a frustrating problem. You hear your central AC popping on, but some rooms remain overly warm. If you try turning down the thermostat, some rooms end up comfortable while others are freezing. There are several issues that can lead to uneven cooling. The following guide can help you determine your system's problem. Check the vents Your AC duct system consists of registers that blow out cold air and returns that pull air in to recirculate through the system. [Read More]