Is It Time To Let Go Of Your Old Window-Mounted Air Conditioner?

After countless seasons of reliably providing your room with the best possible cooling comfort, your window mounted air conditioner looks like it has seen better days. Perhaps now is the right time to consider upgrading to a newer unit that offers better efficiency and more features. To be sure, you may want to keep the following considerations in mind. Consider Its Age Most window-mounted A/C systems offer a 10-year service life. [Read More]

This Simple Trick Will Make Your Furnace More Efficient

Are you looking for ways to reduce your monthly utility bills? The efficiency of your furnace can have a huge impact on your monthly bills. If you furnace is not in top shape, there is a good chance that you are throwing money away. While most furnace maintenance should only be done by HVAC technicians, there are a few effective ways to make your furnace more efficient. This article explains a simple method that could have an impact on the efficiency of your furnace. [Read More]

From Holey To Whole: AC Repair That Transforms Your Unit

Old air conditioning units, those beyond a decade or more, tend to have a lot of holes in them. The holes are a direct result from rust. The rust is a direct result from exposure to the elements outside. Although regular maintenance and seasonal protective measures do prolong the life of your unit, they cannot prevent its inevitable demise. If you currently have a holey A/C unit, and want to make it whole again, here is what an AC repair technician can do for you. [Read More]

Heat the Areas Where You Live With Radiant Floor Heating

You may often wonder why you still feel cold even though your heat pump is making your electric meter spin so quickly that it makes you dizzy, or your forced air heating is blowing so often the the air in your home is as dry as a desert. The main reason is that the hot air that your heating system is producing is rising to your ceilings. Your living area receives the initial blast, but then cools down as the hot air pushes the cooler air downward. [Read More]