Even Heating And Cooling In Storied Houses

Many storied homes have a problem with uneven heating and cooling. Here are some tips to help you eliminate the problem in your house. Ensure Your HVAC System Is Adequately Sized Heating and cooling on different levels are difficult for even a properly sized HVAC; it's even more difficult for an undersized or oversized HVAC. Therefore, the first step is to ensure that your HVAC has the right capacity for the house. [Read More]

4 Signs You Should Replace Your Heat Pump

Heating and cooling your home throughout the year requires a great deal of effort on your system. Without it working properly, your heat pump may struggle to condition your home's air while increasing your household's total energy usage, making your family uncomfortable while causing financial issues. Thankfully, a heat pump can be replaced, but it is best to know the signs that this replacement is necessary. This guide and your contractor will help you determine when and if it is time to replace your heat pump. [Read More]

How To Maintain Your Swamp Cooler

If you live in a smaller house, then you may not need a central air conditioning system. In fact, you may be able to cool down the majority of your main floor living area with a system called a swamp cooler. A swamp cooler or evaporative cooler sits on top of your roof and is connected to a hose. The warm outside air then comes in through the system through wet evaporative cooler pads (wet from the hose) and cools the air. [Read More]

How To Optimize Your Heating System And Home To Save Money On Utilities

During the cold months of winter, you can optimize your heating system and home in a number of ways. When you get heating services in your home early in the season, you will have a system that is efficient and ready for the work ahead. Even if you didn't get your system serviced right away, you can get it serviced anytime to make sure it is running well. Your heating repair specialist will come and clean out your HVAC unit and suggest any repairs that are necessary. [Read More]