How To Fix Leaking Under Your Kitchen Sink

Do you have water leaking underneath your kitchen sink? Obviously, there are many different possible points in the kitchen sink plumbing system that could present be the source of your leaking. That is, you could have leaking coming from the actual sink, within the drain pipes, coming from the water lines, or even the disposal system. Basically, the first thing you want to do is identify the source of your water leak. [Read More]

How To Stay Cool While Awaiting The Arrival Of Your HVAC Services Technician

It's never fun to have your air conditioner stop working. When it's 100-plus degrees outside and the AC breaks, it's even worse. Thankfully, your HVAC services technician should be able to fix the problem, but what do you do while you await their arrival? You'll have to take action to stay cool. Here are eight strategies to get you started. 1. Cover the Windows When the sun is beating down, a lot of heat comes in through the windows. [Read More]

Dealing With Declining Furnace Performance? How To Know When To Replace It

According to heating industry and home renovation experts, the lifespan of an average home furnace is typically expected to be somewhere between 15 and 20 years. Many older homes, however, may still be using furnaces that are at or well-past this time frame. In some instances, these older furnaces may still offer enough heat output to offset the cost of repairs and operations. Other homeowners with aging furnaces, however, may find themselves wondering whether they should wait until their heating system fails completely before replacing it or take a more proactive approach. [Read More]

Is It Time To Let Go Of Your Old Window-Mounted Air Conditioner?

After countless seasons of reliably providing your room with the best possible cooling comfort, your window mounted air conditioner looks like it has seen better days. Perhaps now is the right time to consider upgrading to a newer unit that offers better efficiency and more features. To be sure, you may want to keep the following considerations in mind. Consider Its Age Most window-mounted A/C systems offer a 10-year service life. [Read More]